Favorite Bodysuit

I do not consider myself fashionable. I call my style “mom style” aka comfortable. Almost everything I buy is for comfort so if you’d rather see styles that are crazy and out there, move right along! This is also not your typical Fashion Blog post… I tried to get my husband to snap a few pictures and almost all of them are zoomed into my butt. Thank you for nothing hunny! 🙄 So Bo, my three year old, took over with the camera. So here is my go to stay at home mom outfit and my very realistic life with a non-instagram husband and my three year photographer!! Enjoy ☺️

Bodysuits are super cute and can be paired with many different things! I wear mine with sweatpants because lets be real when do I leave the house? Hardly ever, it’s to grab more diapers, take the kids to the park, or grab groceries for dinner. So anyway get this bodysuit if you don’t want VPL (visible panty lines!) I have searched high and low for an inexpensive thong bodysuit. You can wear this with jeans, shorts, sweatpants, whatever you want- tight or loose! This specific bodysuit also has functional buttons, so breastfeeding moms can I get a HECK YEAH!! 🙌🏻 I’m not one to invest in a bunch of breastfeeding tops, I just look for normal clothes that have buttons or are easy access to the ladies. Size up in this if you want some room, if you want it skin tight order your size. I ordered a small and it’s a bit snug, I could’ve gone with a medium.

Sweatpants are from Old Navy, I have a black pair and this pinkish/ purple pair!

 Sweatpants | Bodysuit

Let me know if you order this and how you’ve styled it!


Naomi Genova


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