Breastfeeding Journey

 My Personal Breastfeeding Journey So Far

Breastfeeding is so natural and beautiful right? Right but also so very wrong. I’ve promised to always stay super honest with all of you, so here it goes.

Breastfeeding has been hell for me.

As I’ve shared a little bit on my social media, I’ve gotten a few cases of mastitis in the one month since my baby girl has been born. If you have never experienced it before,  it is excruciating pain. I actually just got my third case this weekend and almost ended up back in the emergency room due to a 105 degree fever for the second time in one week! For the first week and a half of breastfeeding Rosie I cried almost every time I fed her or pumped, the pain from her latching was so bad. Then on top of that pain I got my first case of mastitis. A week or so later I got my second case. And a week after that I got my third, which I am praying is my last!

Everyone’s bodies are so different. I had easy pregnancies and labor was even easier than the pregnancies! I am super fortunate for that. But when it comes to breastfeeding I’d rather pluck my eyebrow hairs out one by one WHILE giving birth. Honestly that would be less painful than what I’ve gone through this last month.

I understand why some moms choose bottle feeding. Not only the pain that may come with breastfeeding but the frustration of milk production. Some women produce a lot of milk but other women really struggle and can’t seem to make enough for their babies. With my son I really struggled to make enough milk, I actually ended up formula feeding him at 5 months old. It broke my heart to lose that breastfeeding connection but as parents we do what is best for our kids. This time around I have been fortunate enough to have more than enough milk for Rosie. So I’ve told myself as long as I’m producing enough milk to feed her, I will push through whatever pain or obstacles I have to! The bond of breastfeeding is so special, I love it even when I hate it.

 It has been a painful journey but this healthy, happy, beautiful, growing baby girl makes every second totally worth it!

Please know I do not judge anyone’s decision whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. I’ve done both! It’s a very personal decision. I’m just sharing a bit about my journey. ❤️



Naomi Genova

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