Halfway There!

We’re halfway to meeting our little one!!

I’m just finishing up my 20th week of pregnancy! This week we found out we are having a baby girl and my belly has officially popped. Our baby girl moves all the time, she’s so active! During our anatomy scan the technician had a hard time capturing pictures of her because she wouldn’t sit still. Luckily my nausea and fatigue have passed and I’m able to get back into a more normal every day routine. Only struggle now is insomnia and not fitting into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Whenever we are in public I ask my husband if I look pregnant or if it looks like I just finished two dinners. I’m currently on the hunt for maternity wear (so if anyone has recommendations; send them my way), but for now I’m wearing dresses and my hubby’s t-shirts, that he so willingly shares with me!

Emotions about becoming a mom of two…

I haven’t been too emotional this pregnancy but I do get emotional thinking about sharing myself with two children. That may sound bad, but as most of you know I had Bo (my first born) before I fell in love and married my now husband. Bo was my everything, before marriage, before living the life I do now, it was just him and I. He will always hold such a special place in my heart, he taught me the true definition of unconditional love. I’m so excited to see him take on his role as big brother though. He has such a kind heart. While I was in my first trimester and still super sick, he’d come over and rub my back asking if I was okay. He brings me my water bottle throughout the day and tells me, “baby needs water mom.” He thinks the baby is in my belly button, so when he kisses and talks to baby he talks directly on it. I just want to soak up every moment I have left while it’s just me and my buddy.

Thank you for all the sweet comments throughout our journey! 💗


Naomi Genova

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