Applebee’s Story

Bo and I got back to Virginia yesterday afternoon, and after nine hours of driving the last thing I wanted to do was go grocery shopping. So we decided to head to Applebees for dinner. To start the evening off Bo chugged his chocolate milk so fast he ended up throwing it up. Jon was super dad, caught it and cleaned it all up. Soon after we got our food and enjoyed small talk my insane pregnancy sense of smell kicked in so I asked to see Bo’s diaper. I told him to stand up and turn around so I could look because sometimes he just has horrible smelling farts. I put my fingers in to pull the back of the diaper out. Poop was all over my fingers, it was coming out of the diaper!! I rushed Bo into the ladies bathroom, laid him on the changing table while trying to keep his legs way up in the air so poop didn’t get EVERYWHERE. Too late. I must have used half of the wipes in the container. It smelled so terrible that I started puking my brains out. Still dealing with all day nausea, having seafood for the first time this pregnancy, and a blow out diaper was NOT a good mix. ALSO, Jon broke his wrist last week so all poopy diaper are now up to me.  HOW CONVENIENT.

Only a story a mom would be able to tell! Haha!

2 thoughts on “Applebee’s Story

    1. Seriously though if you’re someone who suffers from nausea, changing dirty diapers while pregnant is the WORST possible thing to do. 😂😩 The goal is to have my toddler potty trained by the time baby is here! Not having two kids in diapers at once. 🙅🏼‍♀️


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