First Trimester

Hello 12th week of pregnancy!

I know every pregnancy is different, but this one has been completely different than my pregnancy with Bo. I thought I was ready and prepared but boy was I wrong! At 6 weeks pregnant the nausea kicked in, every smell, every food I ate made me sick and in the bathroom constantly. Those of you who follow me know I love being healthy; meaning a regular gym routine 5- 6 times a week, eating salads and meats daily. I’m not kidding when I say the baby only wants junk food. I try eating anything healthy, like apples with peanut butter, I throw it up immediately. But if I eat a stack of pancakes, baby is happy and I’m not sick! 😆

This pregnancy has been HARD. I get headaches, I am constantly nauseous, I’m gassy, bloated, I get dizzy if I stand for more than 5- 10 minutes, but I’m happy. I’m so blessed and grateful that I’m carrying this baby. I’m sensitive to the fact that some women can’t carry their babies or have struggled with losses. Every day is a gift growing our sweet baby.

I am hopeful that wrapping up this first trimester my nausea will subside and I’ll get back to a more normal routine. Has anyone else found things that worked for them? My doctor prescribed B6 and Unisom to take together twice a day, which has helped a bit with nausea but not much. Also, what is up with the dizziness?? I was told that when you’re pregnant you produce so much more blood for the baby and sometimes it pools at your feet which makes you dizzy, no joke this has kept me in bed for DAYS. Luckily the doctors haven’t been concerned because after the days I’ve spent in bed they’ve done ultrasounds and our baby is kicking away, happy and healthy as can be! 💛

A few people have asked about my fitness and eating, it has pretty much gone down the drain for now. I’m listening to my body and letting it rest as much as possible. Fingers crossed baby lets me go on more frequent runs and eat salads in the second trimester!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

The morning “bump” and afternoon “bump” really is a thing! Both pictures below are relaxed.

Morning. Around 11 AM, had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.

Late afternoon. (Those aren’t stretch marks, just lines from my elastic waistband in my gym shorts.)

With my son I only got a few tiny stretch marks around my lower belly. I used coconut oil and it worked sooo well! I have already been using coconut oil this pregnancy but I may also try a few other brands as I get bigger. I’ll share what I like and what I think works with you all then.

Would love to hear other women’s cravings and first trimester experiences?? Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling. 🙈

I’m always praying for those who are pregnant, experienced a loss, or who are trying to conceive. I have already met so many strong women through this blog and I’m so thankful!✨


Naomi Genova

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