Baby Announcement!

Baby Genova is due in December!!

As a lot of you know, we had a miscarriage in January. Since then we have left it up to God’s plan for our growing family. He blessed us with our rainbow baby in March!! We are only 11 weeks along right now but we’ve had multiple ultrasounds and my doctors have been monitoring this baby so closely. We just couldn’t hold in the good news any longer, we’re pregnant again!!! 🎉

This pregnancy has either kept me in bed or hovering the toilet most days, but I’m so grateful! Last ultrasound we had the baby was kicking and wiggling around like crazy, we almost didn’t get a good picture.

Here are a few more pictures from our announcement! Boaz is super excited to be a big brother but wasn’t so pumped to be in pictures. Hoping to get more with him soon! 💛

” For this child we have prayed.” 1 Samuel 1 :27

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes that have helped us get here. We know pregnancy and loss is such a sensitive topic, please know that as I’ve prayed for our own children I have also prayed for the families struggling to create their own as well. 💛


Naomi Genova (& baby G ☺️😍)

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