My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey


Recently I’ve had people reach out and ask about my gym routine. I’ve had women ask me how I stay so fit or what I did to lose weight after having my son. Please remember that everyone has their own journey, and that everyone’s bodies are built differently but beautifully!

Loving your body is hard, especially after having a baby. Your body changes so much after growing a little human! I struggled and still struggle with loving my body. Some days I’m like “Wow! I feel so good.” Other days I look in the mirror and think “Ugh, I wish my legs were more muscular. DID I SWALLOW 10 BURRITOS?! Why am I so bloated? And why do I have cellulite on my thighs?” Believe it or not, I have been in a constant battle with myself over my body. It has been hard to look in the mirror and to love it and to thank God for creating me the way he did. I’m human, I have my insecurities, I compare myself to other women and wish I had their body types. BUT… with every insecurity I’ve been able to find things I do like about myself. I try remember how far I’ve come and how I can keep bettering myself!

I’ve come to accept that I will always have loose skin on my stomach, I will always have tiny stretch marks below my belly button and around my hips, and my boobs will NEVER be perky ever, ever, EVER again.

This was me two years ago, extremely unhappy and unhealthy!


Seeing pictures from that time in my life is heartbreaking, I still cringe remembering how depressed I was.


My change started with my happiness. At the time, about two years ago, I was truly so unhappy. I cried most days, refused to look in the mirror, never left the house, hated pictures, and dreaded wearing a swimming suit. But I had a beautiful baby boy and I knew I deserved to be happy. So I moved back home, leaned on family as a newly single mother, and started taking care of my heart. I grew stronger in my faith, went to church every Sunday,  I started going to the gym, and started eating healthier!

This is me a year ago, four to five months after falling in love with the gym! (Summer 2017.)


It took dedication and commitment to lose that baby weight. But going to the gym became so much more than “losing weight,” I loved the feeling after a good run or seeing progress in my leg definition! I became my lighthearted, silly self again.

I have always been a “petite” person. I’m only 5’4″, I’ve weighed around 115 pounds my whole life, I’m a size 0 and was blessed with a fast metabolism. Every person’s body is SO different and everyone is built differently. I don’t have naturally muscular legs, or a big butt. After playing around with different gym routines and food changes, I have found what works for me and MY body type. I’ve been able to gain muscle places that I’ve always wanted it. My goals constantly change, and I find that to be a good thing. I try to choose healthy food options and BALANCE my cravings with what’s fueling for my body, but I let myself eat cookies, pasta dinners, or chips! I love eating, and I let myself enjoy food. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week, some weeks only 3-4. I have weights at home and a yoga mat for the days I want to do a quick ab work out and squats. And recently I have added lifting weights into my workouts along with cardio and running!

Me today (2018!)



YUP, I still have that loose skin! I grew an 8.8 pound baby in that belly, so heck yeah I’m proud to look at where I am now. My goal this year is to define my abs, and build my leg and arm muscles. I want to be strong, inside and out.

My normal gym routine:

Stretching, LOTS OF IT.

Running, 2-3 miles a day. But some days my knees are hurting or my legs are just sore, so those days I just fast walk at 4.1 mph with a high incline while I watch a Netflix show for about 45 minutes to an hour!

Or another alternative is the stair stepper! That BURNS.

After I run, I stretch some more, then I move on to leg machines. (On the days I do legs.) Leg press, around 100 pounds, sometimes more. 20 reps about 5 times.

Smith machine, basically a squat while holding a bar of weights. My legs are still working up to this work out! Squats, I do 10 pounds on each side with about 10- 15 reps. Then I’ll do the same weight and amount of reps but instead of squats I’ll do lunges, and alternate legs.

For arms I use the Lat Pulldown machine, I do 40 weight and 15 reps 5 times.

Then I move on to free weights, for a while I was only using 5 pounds and I’m proud to say I’ve moved up to 10! Woohoo!

I always finish my gym time with abs, my hubby showed me a killer ab routine that I LOVE. Should I share a video soon?? You’d probably all rather see him do it. He’s pretty distracting, I tell him all the time (jokingly) that he’s not allowed to come to the gym with me anymore because I always lose my focus!

My home gym is Planet Fitness, I personally love that every machines tells you exactly what to do. HA! This helped when I first started going to the gym and had NO idea what the heck I was doing. Another side note, running is extremely hard for me. I do not find it easy, I push the hell out of myself when I run. But for me, running keeps my body in shape the most. I love the feeling once I’m done running, but during I’m dying!! Adding the free weights and weight machines to my routine gives me the muscle and toning I want for myself. I try something new each time I go.

This journey has not been an easy one. I have always been extremely hard on myself. It’s hard sharing this with you all, but I’ve gotten so many questions and comments so I felt like it was time to be real about my struggles and my successes.

Here are some more pictures from my journey!

Summer 2016



Summer 2017


Now, 2018



Love yourself, find happiness.

I’d love to hear what works for YOUR body.


Naomi Genova

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