Bo’s Room

Welcome to Bo’s room!

Bo is an only child, so basically everything revolves around him, lucky boy! Jon and worked together over the last few months to put together his room, it was so fun. When we first moved in we found little things here and there at stores and online to make it cozy and cute (but trying to keep it inexpensive) since we were already furnishing our entire home. When Jon and I first got married Bo was already transforming from his baby toys to Toddler toys. Which meant we were already kind of starting from scratch, but luckily Bo’s birthday was in October which meant toys. And following only a few months later was Christmas which only meant more toys! Here’s a little peek at what Bo’s world looks like.


Bo’s bed. It was actually my toddler bed when I was growing up. It’s pretty special that Bo gets to use this now, 22 years later! And honestly, look at how beautiful the wood is, it’s still in such amazing condition (except for the tiny stickers I stuck to it when I was 3- sorry mom.) My mom told me any grandchildren are welcome to use it. Luckily I’m a bit ahead of the game since my siblings are only seventeen. So I get to use the bed for (hopefully) my next couple of children before needing to draw straws with my sister and brother over who’s kids get to use it!

His large giraffe, Hank, was the stuffed animal Jon gave me for Valentine’s Day last year. And the small giraffe Bo got for his second birthday from his great grandmother. These are the ONLY stuffed animals he owns, and I like it that way! I’d much rather him have an overflowing amount of books than stuffed animals.

Most of his blankets he got when he was born. So. Many. Blankets. His green blanket has his name hand stitched on it with a Bible verse from my grandmother. the verse is, Psalm 139: 14 “I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” It’s actually been a tradition on my dad’s side; every grandchild and now great grandchild has a blanket with their name and Bible verse embroidered on the silk edges.

His sheet I actually found at Target for under $9! This specific one was on clearance at the time and is sold out online but here are a few links of adorable sheets for under $10. Since Bo’s bed is a smaller toddler bed, the mattress is the size of a crib mattress, so I just used a crib sheet. I haven’t broken down and gotten him a full set of bedding yet. He still asks for all of his blankets to be on or around him while he sleeps, so cute!

A few adorable sheets I’d pick up at Target!

[Click on images to browse& buy]

Gold Polka Dot Sheet 


Cactus Sheet


Mountain Sheet


Bo’s Light Box we use as a night light. It’s not too bright and it’s super adorable, look it has a little giraffe on it! We found this at HomeGoods in the kids section, I’m sure if you went you’d be able to find a ton with animals, sports, or mountains, I’ve even seen princess crowns or ballet shoes (which would be perfect for a little girls nursery.)


I found a cute option at Target, that would look SO cute with the Mountain Sheet that I linked above! HomeGoods unfortunately doesn’t have an online store.




This decor I found online AND in the store at Hobby Lobby. Everything I purchased that’s wooden and on his wall was 50% off. Always, always, always, start at Hobby Lobby. It’s inexpensive and they have SO MANY decor options! Like for example; Christmas time, I went there and everything was between $5- $20. SCORE!! I decorated our whole house from Hobby Lobby at Christmas time.


I’m linking below some of these Wall Decor items from Hobby Lobby.

(Again, click on pictures for the direct LINK!!!)





Bo’s Bear & Fox 3D Wall Decor

His bear and fox decor sit right over his TeePee. They add to his little outdoor/ animal theme perfectly.



Bo’s TeePee & Reading Corner



The TeePee is from Target. It took me forever to find this exact one in store, I’m not even kidding you I went to three different Targets looking for this one! Of course it wasn’t until I completely gave up that my hubby and I were doing home decor shopping at Target and we walked by and I SAW IT! I was like “THAT’S IT,” so we got it and set it up the second we got home. Bo was in Vermont at the time so it was a fun surprise for him once he got home! I love the fun design and totally gender neutral (always thinking ahead.) Click pictures above for a TeePee option from Amazon. I linked a similar one!  

Bo’s Kitchen


Bo’s Kitchen was a Christmas gift. I found this one at Marshalls for under $100! I had a few people message me about it and I wish I had found this sooner. But I found a way to purchase this EXACT kitchen online. It comes in other colors but I love the classic vintage white. [Click picture above.]

His wooden broom was on clearance (I don’t even remember where we found this) for under $4!!! Bo LOVES to clean.

Bo’s Sports Corner

Bo’s favorite “toy” in the whole world, any type of ball. In our house we are Yankees fans, thank goodness I also married a Yankee fan. (That was one of my MUST HAVES on my marriage check list, ha!) Jon had two posters before we got married, one was the stadium and the other was a Derek Jeter poster. Both are now in Bo’s room. For Christmas my dad got Bo a personalized Yankee poster. They both hang above his most loved basketball hoop!



Right now Bo’s room is pretty simple but SO perfect for a two year old, it includes all of his favorite things. We will be moving in a year or so because #militarylife. I can’t wait to see what I’ll do with his next room! Decorating is so fun!!

Have any questions? Find me on Instagram& say hi! naomigenova_

Thanks for reading, what’s your favorite part of your kids rooms? Comment below!



Naomi Genova




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