New puppy!



Meet our fur baby, Zeus! He is an Alaskan Klee Kai, 10 weeks old, is tan and brown with one blue eye and one brown. An Alaskan Klee Kai is a smaller husky, they told us Zeus will only grow to be about 22 pounds.

Zeus has already been such a joy to our family. Our son has a best bud, all day they play with toys and tire each other out. Every mom’s dream right? With our recent loss Jon and I felt our family deserved a little furry addition. Nothing can replace our baby, we are still mourning our loss, but we have opened our hearts to a different love. Puppies are a lot of responsiblity, call me crazy but I love it! I have a two-year old and a puppy at home, my hands are so full. I like having the distraction, even if that distraction is cleaning up pee and poop from our carpets, wiping peanut butter faces, trips outside every 20 minutes, and dirty diapers.

Guess what I just realized, I get to potty train a puppy AND a toddler AT THE SAME TIME. Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll have some very funny stories to share!

This was a short blog post, I just wanted to share our newest member of the Genova family!


Naomi Genova



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