Our Wedding Decor


After Jon proposed at the end of June, we decided to get married in October. That gave us THREE months to plan a wedding! Two days after he proposed we had a nine-hour drive back to Virginia so we bought a book and planned our wedding. At first we looked at different locations in Vermont, but we settled on a “backyard wedding” at my parents house. We were getting married in the house I grew up in. I found it extremely special that I was getting to marry the man I was starting a new life with at my childhood home.

The first thing I did was look at Pinterest. Of course! It honestly saved my sanity.

Most women think about or plan their wedding throughout their childhood, teen years, and early adulthood, “I want my dress to look like this.” or “I want this color scheme.” WELL, I married a man who loves to have a say in everything. Trust me, it’s a positive in some areas but frustrating in others. But that’s marriage, compromise! We both had to talk about what we liked for centerpieces, color scheme, cake ideas, song choices, DJ or band, dark wood chairs or light, flowers, everything… By the end of the car trip we had a basic idea of what we wanted.

The most important thing we wanted for our wedding was low maintenance, simple, elegant and fun! It was a backyard wedding, so we went with greenery, all white flowers; roses and baby’s breath. Our centerpieces were slices of wood, mason jars with twine wrapped around them in little bows, with baby’s breath and candles. In little vases, we had one rose and baby’s breath. We followed this pictures from Pintrest and it fit our “backyard wedding” look perfectly!


My dad and great uncle went out about three weeks before our wedding and cut down old trees that were started to fall or already fell and made our wood slices for the centerpieces. I then sanded each! It was a group effort from my family and friends, we did most everything hand made.

A sweet woman from my church actually started her own business “Farm & Fancy.” She did all of the signs for our wedding, just check out how beautiful they are!


One sign I found on Pinterest I totally fell in love with!



Laury from “Farm & Fancy” made my dream come true!

fullsizeoutput_38a1If you ever have a wedding in Vermont, or an event, look up Laury Tarver Farm & Fancy!

The next sign I loved and actually found for less than $20 was at Homegoods. It has a Bible verse on it and was wooden like our other signs. Matched our theme!

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” -Song of Solomon 3:4



HOMEGOODS (Our wedding) 


Another Pinterest idea we liked (and we had SO many wood slices left) was cupcakes on wood slices. Cupcakes or donuts are such a cute and fun idea! To me a huge cake was very formal, and we wanted something simple! The food at our wedding was a buffet!! SO cupcakes fit the look.




My grandma is so amazing at making cakes and cupcakes, I’ve always told her she needs to start a little bakery business. She offered to make all of ours, which was around 200 cupcakes!! I liked the idea of putting the names of each flavor in little frames.


One idea we struggled with, since it was an outdoor wedding, was our “Photo Booth.” The weather was so unpredictable, it was an October wedding, so we tried to keep everything under the tent. My dad actually suggested we get a photobus! The Photo Booth was INSIDE a VW bus. Oh my goodness it was so awesome! We did end up keeping the bus outside because on our wedding day it was still in the 50’s- 60’s at night.

The Photo Bus came with it’s own props but they were super bright colors and fuzzy hats and I felt like it didn’t necessarily go with everything. So when I was shopping at Michael’s I found the props you hold! Following another Pinterest idea I saw, I bought glass bowls and sand…





After our guests took their picture in the Photo Bus they took the print out and taped it in our book, then they wrote Jon and I a message! We have loved looking back at all the silly pictures and comments from our friends and family.



Originally I loved the ideas of having chalkboards but realizing how hard it was to keep a steady hand while writing white a chalk pen AND keeping it “elegant” I skipped to printing in nice font and finding pretty frames! HA! Oh my goodness though, each chalkboard I attempted looked like a five year old learning to write. Oh well, I seriously loved how it all came out.






This was also important to us! How many times have you gone to a wedding and there isn’t an open bar? It automatically makes you a little bummed, right? Well, we decided since everyone had to drive to our wedding, we weren’t going to serve liquor, BUT we had cases of wines, reds and whites, kegs of beer, and Corona in the bottle (because that’s my favorite beer AND it’s Gluten Free!) Lemonade, water, and coffee were of course offered as a non-alcholic option.

Our special little touch was a cigar bar! We had it close to the door of the tent so people enjoying a cigar could be inside and partially outside. It was a blast, by the end of the night, the cigars were gone!


My last wish was that we did a sparkler exit. I don’t have a picture of our sign but it looked almost exactly like this one I found on Pinterest! We also had extra long sparklers, probably double or triple the ones shown in the picture below.




(I know… my poor dress.)


One of the biggest and best decisions (thanks to my hubby) was getting a sailcloth tent. They were wooden beams instead of metal poles, the lighting was beautiful, it all looked so elegant and it just wouldn’t have looked the same in a frame tent. I didn’t care at the time but he really pushed for the sailcloth and wow I’m so glad he did.


We did EVERYTHING by ourselves. I’m not kidding! We purchased the roses and baby’s breath but for the greenery we went out to Trader Joe’s and bought everything we could find! The reason flowers cost SO much is the labor behind making bouquets, so we took on the challenge to do it ourselves. It wasn’t perfect, but it saved a TON of money and was a little fun in the process… after the initial panic of OH MY GOSH THE WEDDING IS TOMORROW.



The day before the wedding I had family and friends helping make all the centerpiece arrangements and bridal bouquets! THEN we ended up making our own floral headpieces too. I am still amazed everything worked out and came about beautifully! I am truly thankful for all of the help Jon and I had with pulling off our turn around wedding.









Also… some Fun Facts

  1. The bridesmaid dresses were around $36 each. Plus, multiple ways to wear it!
  2. My wedding dress was $170 at Davids Bridal!
  3. Because the smallest size they could order was a 2, I had to get it taken in quite a lot, I’m a 0.
  4. Getting the dress fitted to my size was MORE than my original dress cost.
  5. None of us wore shoes walking down the isle!!
  6. Everyone had a mason jar with a handle and a chalkboard stinker with their name on it. They could refill on wine, beer, or any other drink choice throughout the night- it was also their gift to take home!
  7. After the cake cutting my bridesmaids and I (plus the groom) took a shot or bourbon inside my parents house. The only liquor consumed that night!

Planning a wedding is stressful, fun,& any and every emotion in-between. Even if you’re on a low budget, you can still have your dream wedding! I will never forget our special night, low budget, lots of homemade craftiness, and a whole lot of love.

Now I’m married to the man of my dreams.



Naomi Genova

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