Black Friday Favorites!

There is always so much hype around Black Friday. This year I was in South Carolina with my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. I’ve always been in Vermont or New Hampshire for Thanksgiving so I’ve never really taken the chance to “go out” for the sales! This year I did! Although I can’t say I was too impressed with the sales at the stores I did go to. Thanksgiving night I went to Target. Now who else grew up in a state that didn’t have a Target at least 20 minutes away from them!? Now that I’ve moved to Virginia, I have all of my favorite stores within five miles from me and it’s super dangerous! But back to Target, I honestly go there at least twice a week now. Not always to buy things, I love looking around at their decor or face products, or even just getting ideas for Christmas presents. Target is like a high-end Wal-Mart.

OK! Finds at Target:


This sweater is super cozy! They have so many colors and was discounted to $25. Which I know doesn’t necessarily sound like a “good deal” but last Christmas my dad and I found a Michael Kors sweater for my mom at TJ Maxx, and it looks JUST like this one! I have been searching for a reasonably priced version and $25 sounds a lot better than $50! It’s not a super thick sweater, so this winter I’ll most likely wear a long sleeve under it to keep extra warm! I’m wearing an extra small, it runs a bit bigger. Most of my sweaters I hang to dry but this one I washed and put in the dryer! Some sweaters I purposely shrink a bit for a more snug fit!

Next buy at Target; Black Booties!


I have been looking for a boot that I can wear with anything, are kid friendly, pet friendly, weather friendly, and basically just life friendly. Ha! With winter coming up and the nasty salt that always ends up on sidewalks and roads, I wanted to find a material that wont be completely ruined. These are like mini rainboots! They are super comfortable and could be worn with leggings or jeans. Recently I’ve found a couple super cute pairs of shoes but every time I wear them I have to baby wipe them down (is that weird)… and with these I will have no hesitation to run in the rain or play in the dirt with my little guy! $25- Worth the little care I have to show them!


Final Target Buy: Fuzzy Backpack!


I have also been on the hunt for an adorable backpack! Something I’ve been wanting to get more into, now that I have a large collection of sweaters, are purses! A purse can tie together a very simple outfit. Or if you find a fun colored purse or a different patterned purse, it can bring more excitement to a plain outfit! Which seems to be my favorite style. Put me in all black, or a big cozy sweater with leggings or cuffed jeans any day.




This backpack was on clearance for under $10! Score! I will use this as a purse when I take Bo out for any form of activity that I need access to both hands. My son, Bo, is two, totally in the terrible two-phase so pushing those limits whenever he can. Both hands are needed for grabbing that little guy before he has the chance to run away and for that, this bag is perfect AND cute! Now ask me what my husbands reaction was when he first saw the bag… HA!

HIM: What did you get tonight?

ME: I found a sweater I’ve been looking for! And black booties.. oh and remember how I was looking for a backpack, purse type thing the other month? Well I found one!

HIM: Oh! Let’s see!

Takes out the sweater & shoes, then holds up the bag.


HIM: And you plan on wearing that? Like out in public?

HAHAHAHA. He really is the sweetest, but I think he’s really hating my new obsession with fuzzy things… Like my POM POM key chain!


I found this key chain a month ago right before we bought our new family car. I swear having a huge pom pom attached to your keys is THE BEST idea ever. How many times do you search through your purse trying to find your keys? Its cold outside or its raining… and it just takes too long! With this huge ass pom pom you can just reach in your purse without looking at feel the fuzz and BAM, keys are already in your hand. But even with my amazing performances to demonstrate how easy it makes finding your keys, my hubby still things it’s ridiculous and refuses to walk around with them in his hand. So every time he drives our car, BEFORE we even get out of the car, he hands me the keys and says, can you lock it? He doesn’t even want to be seen locking the car with the huge pom pom hanging from our car key!

This POM POM key chain was $5 at Old Navy!

Before I move on to my next store, I did buy a couple of pairs of pants for Bo at Target. The teal were $7 and the tan were on clearance for $5 or $6!! IMG_4963.jpg

I ended up sizing down for the teal Joggers, 18 months. Bo has a smaller waist and the waist on them isn’t able to tie tighter. So I guessed and they ended up fitting really nicely! even after I washed and put them through the dryer! Now the tan pants are size 2T. But they were clearance and the only pair. So I couldn’t pass them up! He’ll grow into them or until then I need to find a cute belt! I find that I can’t buy Bo pants without that elastic tightener inside the pant waist, they always fit length wise but never width! Ugh.

Moving on! On Friday I went shopping at Ross and a nearby outlet mall!

At Ross they didn’t have a “Black Friday Sale” because they already have pretty low prices. I normally never find anything there that I like but I found this sweatshirt for only $8.99! I LOVE it! At first I wasn’t so sure, and I ended up washing and over drying it… but over the last couple of days it’s been my go-to comfort piece! Like on our nine-hour drive home the next day, I wore it and am planning to wear it more often when I travel! (Like in a couple weeks when we take another nine-hour road trip to Vermont.)




It is the perfect length, it falls around my booty and isn’t too snug! Jeans or leggings could be worn with it and a cute pair of boots or booties. I couldn’t believe the price! Less than $10, yes please! The material is super different, it’s not crazy soft on the outside, on the inside its much softer, but on the outside it’s almost like you’re wearing a towel! I wore it boating over the weekend and found it to be warm enough without a long sleeve under it and airy enough in the sun.

That’s actually all I found for myself at Ross, I found my guys some sweatpants and joggers. I love my hubs in waffle Tee long sleeves, so I snagged him a read one! super cheap, maybe $5?? And a pair of tan and black joggers! Each pair were $8.99! SCORE! But like I said, no Black Friday sales, but have really great prices. You just have to take the time to search their store.

Bo’s sweatpants!! Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed. He looks so adorable in them. Each were about $8. I wish they had more colors, I would’ve bought them all! Both are 2T, they just have different brands at Ross, so they look like different sizes, both fit similarly though. AND the draw strings work, woohoo!


Last store; H&M (Outlet Store)

Now I found a plain white T-shirt that growing up I actually always stole from my mom (sorry ma!) I love white tees, they are so easy and comfy. PLUS this one was $5. IMG_4821

I would wear this tee as PJs, under a jacket with jeans, or under a cardigan. Literally, so. many. options!

Next as shown in the picture, that vest! I have been on the hunt for one. A while back I actually found one at Old Navy, but it was like $40 or $50 and that seemed a bit more than I really wanted to spend. I found this gem for under $20!



I think [faux] fur is too fun! It adds a lot to an outfit. I now have a full faux fur jacket (shown in my other fashion blog post) and this faux fur vest! Can’t wait to pair it with a hat. I secretly hope we have a girl one day so that we can have matching fur vest and coats. I don’t think my son would be too excited if I tried to put fur anything on him!! He’s SO particular about his clothes. Some days he literally just throws a fit until I change him out of jeans into sweatpants. I totally get it though, after even just half of a day in jeans I come home and throw sweatpants on immediately. Who doesn’t?!


THIS. Oh my goodness, probably one of my favorite finds this shopping trip! I don’t own anything polkadot and I’ve always wanted to! Plus this shirt is a wrap around and is just too adorable. Another plus, IT WAS $7!! I can see myself wearing this around the holidays or for date night!


Well that concludes my Black Friday finds!

I hope you all had a Happy Thankgsiving with friends& family!


Naomi Genova



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