The Proposal

As you know Jon is the Army. So while we were dating he only came back to Vermont twice. He took “leave” for two weeks in December and again in June. While we were in Vermont, I asked him what we could do together that would mean a lot. His answer was camping. Yikes! I didn’t complain though! It was his time, so I bit my tongue and agreed to go!

We packed up and got ready to go to our campsite. I’m not even kidding, the hike to the campsite was 15 minutes. For less than 24 hours in the wilderness we had SO much stuff, a tent, a tarp to cover our tent, a mini air mattress, pump for the air mattress, camping chairs, groceries, cups and plates, drinks, and our luggage!!! Jon is used to sleeping under a poncho when he has to go into the field for work and with just his assault pack (like a backpack.) He even suggested we just do that with the tarp instead of a tent!! HA! He and I could not be more different in this area. Give me a resort with room service over nature and camping any day. I have no shame in admitting I am not a nature girl.


My son, Bo, was with us while we were setting up our campsite. It took us so long! I cooked croissant, ham, and cheese sandwiches while Jon figured out the tent. Bo helped set up the air mattress, they were so cute. We took a few pictures of the three of us, and then it was time for Bo to go visit his dad. Normally I would be the one dropping Bo off but Jon kept insisting to do it. I asked if we could just go together but he said no. I wanted to go… one, I didn’t want to be alone in the middle of nowhere, two, it was getting dark and I had no idea how to keep a fire going, and three, mosquitos were literally eating me alive. I still hadn’t complained though, I was so proud of myself!!

Jon left to take Bo. I then decided to sit by the fire to stay warm, even though I was in a turtleneck and wool socks- it was FREEZING! That lasted about five minutes until the fire slowly went down. People and their dogs kept walking by me saying things like “oh how beautiful, you’re so lucky to be out here!” or “Wow, what a perfect night it is to be camping.” I was thinking… oh please get me out of here. I love my man, I really do, but I was dreaming of a warm bath and a glass of Pinot Grigio. FOURTY FIVE MINUTES LATER and still no Jon. I was bored so naturally I wanted to eat. (SO BAD, I know!) I went into the tent and found chocolate covered pretzels that I didn’t know we had. But then I realized I had to pee. Ugh, which meant leaving the tent… Then it really hit me, OH MY GOSH, we have to pee outside. No bathroom, no toilet paper, not even walls around me to be somewhat private. So I found my shrub, put my recent workouts to use, and squatted. Have I mentioned I really don’t like camping…

By then it had been about an hour since Jon had left and I was back in the tent eating those chocolate covered pretzels. I heard movement and saw Jon! THANK GOODNESS. Jon, with the BIGGEST smile, comes around the corner with his hands behind his back. I yelled out “babe you’ll be so proud, I just squatted!” And right as I said that he pulled out a huge bouquet of roses. All different colors. They were beautiful! (Way to ruin the mood right?!) He said he was sorry for taking so long but he wanted to stop and get me flowers for being so good about camping. He always does stuff like this for me, whenever we do something he knows isn’t my thing, he’ll tie in something I love or that he knows makes me happy! I’m seriously so lucky. So at this point he was standing right outside the tent. I put down the pretzels and held the flowers. There was a small card in the flowers, he asked me to open it and read it out loud. I was a little confused, but agreed to. The first card said, “Red represents love, beauty and life long devotion. Pink represents gentleness, grace, and sweetness. Yellow represents cheerful, joyful, and happiness.” The second card said, “Purple represents beauty. These are only a few of the reasons why I love you. And white represents new beginnings…” I looked up to Jon getting down on one knee with a little velvet black box. He smiles with tears in his eyes and asked, “Will you be my wife?” HELL YES I WILL BE YOUR WIFE. Well that’s what I should’ve said, HAHA! I couldn’t even speak. It felt so surreal. I didn’t even let him open the ring box before I jumped on him! I couldn’t stop hugging him.

It honestly was the best feeling in the world. He chose me to be stuck with forever! Out of everyone in the world we found each other and we chose one another. Marriage is so special, it’s a choice you make every day. No matter how easy it is or how hard it is, you chose that person.

He finally asked if I wanted to see the ring, I had totally forgotten!!! It was beautiful. At that moment, and only for the moment, I loved camping.

AND I still carry those flower cards in my purse everywhere I go!

Whenever I meet a new couple, I always ask them their story! I want to hear yours, write to me!! 🙂


Naomi Genova

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