Reverse it!


What’s better than finding a sweater that is comfortable AND cute?! That you can wear it multiple ways!!!  And I promise this sweater is as soft as it looks. Any guesses as to where the knot belongs? The back! But I actually prefer it in the front. I get cold so easily, so I like keeping my back covered.


Knot in the Front


Knot in the Back


Fun fact about me, I got a tattoo on my eighteenth birthday. Three musical notes on my left shoulder. I was born deaf in my left ear, but have always loved music. I played piano since elementary school and learned guitar in high school! In high school I secretly joined a choir. Most of my friends didn’t even know! I learned to read sheet music, match pitch, harmonize, honestly I learned so much and I loved it. But it was hard work. I couldn’t hear correct pitch half the time and I had to work twice as hard, but I succeeded. So the music notes are my “reminder” that I can overcome the hardships in life.


I loved this sweater so much, that I bought it in purple too!



I matched both looks with short booties. Leggings could easily be worn instead of jeans too! Because let’s be real, I normally only last half of a day in jeans… My son loves to play trains and cars, but has the shortest attention span. So we’ll be on the floor for five minutes playing and then pop back up to go play basketball. We are always all over the place!! So to me leggings or even sweatpants is what I would prefer to be in.

Which color is your favorite? Purple or Blue? What way do you like best? Knot in the front or back? Thanks for reading!


Naomi Genova

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