Small world

I’ve known Jon for about five years now. He is actually three years younger than I am.  So over the years we stayed friendly acquaintances. We would see each other a couple times a year and I even would offer him some girl advice here and there.  Jon was always such a stand up guy that my mom and I would say, “when he grows up he’s going to make one amazing husband.”

Little did I know, he was going to be mine.

Fast forward a few years. He graduated high school and joined the Army, and I moved back home after a couple of years at college in Massachusetts. I had just had my son and moved back home to rediscover myself as a newly single mom. There was so much change going on in my life but around that exact same time I became friends with a mom of two young boys. Alyssa, my new mom friend, and I grew close as she had also just moved back to Vermont. Her husband was in the Army and had just deployed.

Alyssa is now my sister in law. Her husband, Justin, is Jon’s older brother. Small world right? One night Alyssa and I were joking around and said that Jon and I needed to get married so that she and I could become sisters. So I texted Jon and filled him in on our “plan.” We made small talk and I ended our conversation that night with a playful, “night hubby.”

A little over a year later, on September 18th, I was boarding a plane back to Vermont from DC at 10:15pm and I texted Jon, “Night, hubby.” We had eloped that afternoon. Our joke had become our fairytale.

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