My “go to” style




So my go to style is honestly the most simple thing ever. Are you ready? All black, with an accent piece. Simple right??  It is! As a mom I NEED simple. So on a regular basis I grab leggings (black), a black long sleeve, and I throw on my accent piece or pieces. Now the accent piece(s) is where you can be creative and throw your own “personality” into your outfit! When I shop I look for something I can throw on with my go to, leggings and a black shirt. So cardigans, fun jackets, ponchos, hats, purses, and shoes! I think it’s important to know your comfort zone. You see so many bloggers and moms wearing adorable outfits which I would LOVE to be able to pull off, but I’m just not the type of mom who can run after my two year old in heels without looking like an ostrich trying to outrun a cheetah. SO that being said, booties, flat boots with NO heel, and slip on shoes of any kind are my comfort zone! (Except crocs… you will never ever see me in those!) 😂

First Accent Piece: Faux Fur Jacket!


SEE! How simple right? Literally wearing a $5 black long sleeve from Old Navy. $9 Leggings from Gap. And I found this jacket for around $15 I believe at a consignment store! Not shown are my favorite booties, at the moment… I splurged and got these for $44 at Marshalls.


For accent pieces I normally stick with neutral colors.  But that’s just me! I find they match my skin tone and hair the best! PLUS anything matches neutral. Like I said in the paragraph above, I splurged on these so if you find a great pair of shoes that are beige or black you can put so many other styles, patterns, and colors with them!

Second Accent Piece(s): Scarf& Hat!


So I still have that same outfit base- leggings and a black long sleeve. All I did was change what I wore with it and now I have a whole new look! This scarf is HUGE and can be worn like a poncho too! The hat- it’s an easy yet cute accessory that if you hate your hair that day but don’t have any energy to help it, it’s a WIN, WIN! This hat was from Old Navy and so was this scarf! Tons of different color schemes on the scarf. I may have to go back and snag a few more options!


I’m not a model. (My dog may be though, ha!) I’m super awkward and silly…. so please do not expect wonderfully posed pictures 😂.

Final Look: Glasses, Scarf, and Uggs! IMG_1626Glasses can TOTALLY be an accent piece. I kept the same outfit and swapped my booties out for my folded over Tall UGGS! Okay, I don’t wear my Uggs out and about. I use them as “around the house shoes” or if I have to make a quick run to the store and they are already on my feet, or lastly just as slippers! Because let’s be honest, they may not be the best looking items to have on your feet but they are SO WARM! And living in Vermont my whole life, with below 0 degree winters, I love having them.

I would wear these outfits out on any given day for any activity! I will continue to post more “accent pieces” in future blog posts! These were just a few options! Also, this post is my “go to”, not all I wear. As my husband can tell you my fall/ winter wardrobe is mostly made up of sweaters and cardigans!

Thanks for reading, comment what you think or what else you’d like to see from me! What are your favorite accent pieces?


Naomi Genova

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