Meet Bo


My son Boaz or “Bo” is almost 2! He is a ball of energy and cuteness that will melt your heart if you cross his path. I’m sure most parents will tell you that their kid is the funniest, but I’m actually telling the truth. If a song comes on, literally any song, Bo will start to dance and mouth the words, even though he has no idea what the words are. It’s a toddler fist pumping, making random mouth movements with a scrunched up nose, and throwing his head back to Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get it On.” COME ON, HOW FUNNY IS THAT?! He copies actions, reactions, and can ignore you just as easily. His new “trick” is to stick his fingers in each ear while you’re talking to him. Someone please tell me where my two year old got his sass?! My husband will be gladly tell you all that sass is from me! The words Bo chooses to say daily are “no” “mom” “juice” “Jon” “ball” “cheese” “please” and “thank you.” Believe it or not, our daily conversations can be held with those eight words.

This boy has beautiful brown eyes with the LONGEST eyelashes, it really isn’t fair! How is it that the boys and men get these long luscious lashes and us ladies are over here adding layers upon layers of goop to make them look even half the length of theirs!? Talk about not fair! When Bo was born he had dark dark hair and within the last year his hair has lightened up to be the same color as mine, strawberry blonde! To all the moms who completely understand what it feels like to be told, “aw he looks JUST like his dad,” can I get a HECK YEAH! As you can see in the picture above he has unmanageable curls! They are so cute and fluffy and ugh, I just can’t bring myself to cut them!! They have gotten so long that everyone refers to Bo as a “she.” But I smile and tell myself that it’s only because he’s just so damn beautiful. 🙂

OH MY GOSH this child is all boy. Even if I’m in the other room and sit down to put my feet up for two second, he senses the relaxation and comes flying around the corner. “Mom. mom. mom. mom. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball…. ” while he taps my leg then the ball he’s holding. Bo doesn’t just love balls. He needs a ball in his hand at all times. I literally just took him in for his two year check up today and he screamed the whole time the nurse took his measurements. But the second I handed him a ball he was silent. They even pricked his toe to draw a little blood for a routine lead poison test and the boy didn’t flinch. I’m telling you, all is right in the world if Boaz has a ball. He couldn’t care less what kind, you could give him a hacky sack and the kid would be content. Now if we are out in public running errands or shopping and there is no ball in hand, he will use other objects as a ball. Now grocery shopping, how many objects can you think of that are ball shaped? Oranges, apples, tomatoes… all of those are fair game when Bo’s in the store. And Bo has impeccable aim. For two?! I can’t even tell you how many objects have ended up in my coffee cup. Garage opener takes the cake for craziest, most random object ending up in mommy’s coffee. No, that garage opener no longer works.

This is where the word “cheese” comes into light. You know how I said that was one of our daily words? Well it’s not in the form I’m sure you were thinking of. Whenever Bo wants his picture taken or thinks he’s being photographed OR even sees a camera/ Phone, he shrieks, “cheese” with the biggest grin he can possibly manage…teeth and all. It’s no secret I love to take pictures of him and snap them throughout our days together (view my Instagram story for reference), so this momma appreciates the enthusiasm. Enjoy, because you’re going to see a whole lot of this two year old!



Naomi Genova



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